Acrylic on Canvas paintings done in the fall of 2014 through the Winter 2015

In the words of the artist John David O'Shaughnessy, "I am inspired by the tradition of painting, the constant element in my work is the grid and making peace with the rectangular or square shape of the canvas. My painting involves a process of discovery through the building up or breaking down of the grid."  

"Over the past year I have worked on several bodies of work. In a series of oil on paper, I use a good amount of painting medium in these pieces because I like the translucency and rich oily quality it brings to the paint. I often lay down elements and then wipe out large areas building the piece up and then taking it down. I try to allow elements to be moveable and changeable, I like to knock elements off balance, moving the orientation of the piece and adding variety to the painting. Some of the paintings start with a specific idea and others come out of the process of painting itself." 

"The paintings done with acrylic on canvas were done on an easel and taken off the easel and worked directly on the floor on a canvas drop cloth. These paintings were made where I have been living, in an intimate space, they are personal and where worked on over days and weeks. the nature of acrylic paint is somewhat different than oil paint and the acrylic paint brings the work to a different place because of the different process."  

"In both modes of painting I often start with a single color and work off of that. Marks, line, edge shape proportions and color are all part of the language of painting and are all of concern in my work. I like to achieve a level of intimacy in my work that invites experiencing my painting on a level deeper than the surface."  

"I seek to allow the physical quality of the paint and the subject or image play off of each other in my work. To me, painting by its very nature seem to suggest space, depth and the relationship of various elements. Paintings are also a single frame or point of reference, I strive for this singular quality in my a painting. I find elements of expression from the outside world come into my paintings. I am inspired by music, nature, memory, thought and the way we relate to each other and our environment. Human expression and the human condition are important issues in my work because of it allows for vulnerability and honesty."